Tribe: Wasp (geneal paperwasp)

Social Structure: rigid social hierarchy, fixed territory

Life Cycle: complex metamorphosis

Food Sources: nectar, caterpillars

Occupations Available: Engineer, Builder, Artificer, Scout, Warrior, Guard, Nurse, Hunter, Alchemist (toxins), Gatherer

Native Abilities: Sting, Swarm Tactics, Call Swarm, Rage, Protect the Nest, Fly, Build Nest, Fast, Hearty, Resiliant, Warning, Bite, See Order, Know Social Order, Wasp Customs, Wasp Language, Gather Materials, Acute Sight, Geometry, Transform to Totem

Native Flaws: Tied to Nest, Short Lived, Obsessive

Typical Personality Traits: Hates Chaos, Butterfly Enmity, Perceptive, Compulsive

Typical Relationships: to Queen, to Hive

Common Magic: Transformation

Totem Magic: Artifice – Craft Object (specified), Design Plans, Imbue Charm

Common Religions: Plan of the Maker

Specialized Religions:

Tradition Keyword:


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