Tribe: Ladybug

Social Structure: Loose, Semi-Nomadic

Life cycle: Simple Metamorphosis

Occupations: Hunter, Alchemist, Herbalist, Healer, Messenger

Native Abilities: Ladybug Customs, Ladybug Language, Evade, Very Tough, Warning, Alchemy, Herb Lore, Plant Signs (tracking), Hunt Aphid, Make Chitin Armor, Withstand Winter, Run, Locate Totem, Locate Group, Crushing Bite (grip), Transform to Totem, Read Colors, Remember Message, Spirit Wings, Taste Awful, Transform to Totem

Native Flaws: Limited Food, Always Hungry, Loose Social Hierarchy

Typical Personality Traits: Brash, Incendiary (Provocative), Wise, Ant Enmity, Fear Swarm, Hates Chaos

Typical Relationships: to Personal Totem, to Self, to Tradition, to Clan/Tribe/Totem

Common Magic: Transformation

Tribal Magic: (Alchemy) – Stinking Cloud, Burning Spray, Secret Mark, Color of Fear, Color of Words, Plant Balm,

Common Religions:

Specialized Religions:

Religion Tradition Keyword:


Out Past the Treeline issafly