Tribe: Butterfly

Social Structure: Loose, Transient, Migratory

Life Cycle: Complex Metamorphosis

Occupations Available: Gatherer, Storyteller, Scout, Entertainer, Artist,

Native Abilities: Collect Nectar, Brew, Dance, Flight, Tend Young, Evade, Plant Lore, Butterfly Customs, Butterfly Language, Fly Far, Songs and Stories, Transform to Totem, Follow Sun

Native Flaws: Delicate, Weakness to fire, Lack of Social Hierarchy, Lack of Ancestors, Self Absorbed, Vulnerable Young,

Typical Personality Traits: Aloof, Proud, Charismatic, Artistic, Distracted, Fear Birds, Wasp Enmity,

Typical Relationships: to Self

Common Magic: Transformation

Totem Magic: Illusion

Common Religions: Winged Sun

Specialized Religions:

Tradition Keyword:


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