Tribe: Bedbug

Social Structure: Loose hierarchy governed by Council, Clans, Orders

Life Cycle: Little or No Metamorphosis

Food Sources: Blood of endothermic animals, esp. humans

Occupations Available: Assassin, Messenger, Scout, Thief, Tinkerer, Collector, Trader, Crusader, Hunter, Trapper

Native Abilities: Call Brethren, Communicate, Night Sight, Scurry (Evade), Run Fast, Run Far, Tiny, Resilient, Never Eat, Sneak, Sneak Attack, Hide, Trapping, Tracking, Armor Piercing, Bedbug Customs, Bedbug Language, Cant, Resist Alchemy, Recognize Taint, Immune to Chaos

Native Flaws: Sensitive to Light (Vision Impaired),

Typical Personality Traits: Hates Chaos, Distrusts Outsiders,

Typical Relationships: to Council, to Clan, to Order,

Common Magic: Transformation

Totem Magic:

Common Religions: Plan of the Maker

Specialized Religions: Cursed by the Maker

Tradition Keyword:


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