Water Strider

Tribe: Water Strider (many species of Gerridae)

Social Structure: small family clans held together in a complex
series of trade and societal relationships, not nomads, but very

Life Cycle: simple series metamorphosis with size being the main
change at each cycle (5 steps to adulthood)

Food Sources: “If it ain’t fast enough, it goes in the pot.”

Occupations Available: Pillager (enemies), Forager (plants),
Scavenger (resources), Trader, Messenger, Artist (builder), Treasure
Hunter (long-range)

Native Abilities: Water Skatin’, Divin’, Too Stinky to Eat, Ripples
are News, This Ain’t too Old to Use, There’s Good Stuff over Here,
Swappin’, Impressive Horde, Giver of Gifts, Quit Belliachin’ – You’ll
Get Used to It, Poker (spear), Catcher (Net), Flinger (Bow), Time for
a Long Haul, Fly to a New Home

Native Flaws: Really too Stinky to Eat, Horder, Not Picky

Typical Personality Traits: Adaptive, Greedy, Easy Going, Generous, Stalwart

Typical Relationships: to Family, to Clan, to Village, to Fellow
Traders, to Other Traders, to Folks who Know where the good stuff is,
to Folks who don’t know that it’s good stuff and just give it away,
etc. (very social people)

Common Magic:Transformation

Tribal Magic:Move (Advanced Transformation of Location), I Made it
Myself (Transformation of Junk into Treasure)
Examples: Super Hop, Give it some Juice, Hold One More Log, Drag
it, Get Up There, Jes’ Swing Over, And Now I’m Over There!
Examples: Spin into Gold, Sturdier than it Looks, Feed a Family of Twelve

Common Religions: A Swap and a Handshake, Gift of Life

Specialized Religions:

Tradition Keyword:

Water Strider

Out Past the Treeline issafly