Death's Head Hawk Moth

Tribe: Death’s Head Hawk Moth

Social Structure: Loose, Transient, Migratory

Life Cycle: Complex Metamorphosis

Occupations Available: Arthropologist, Dilettante, Drifter, Grifter,

Native Abilities: Invited to the Party, Resist Toxin, Dance, Flight, Smell Friendly, Look Unfriendly, Thick Skin, Plant Lore, Night Lore, Moth Language, Fly Far, Songs and Stories, Transform to Totem, Follow Moon

Native Flaws: Weakness to fire, Lack of Social Hierarchy, Lack of Ancestors, Lack of own Culture, Vulnerable Young, Bee Dependency

Typical Personality Traits: Gregarious, Fair, Anarchic, Artistic, Focused, Fear Birds, Never Too Busy to Talk, No Loyalties, Social Drinker, Listener

Typical Relationships: to Bees, to Every Individual I’ve Ever Talked to For Five Minutes

Common Magic: Transformation

Totem Magic: Illusion

Common Religions: Phasing Moon

Specialized Religions: Cult of the Maker

Tradition Keyword:

Death's Head Hawk Moth

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