Tribe: Cricket

Social Structure:

Life Cycle: Little or No Metamorphosis

Food Sources: Omnivore

Occupations Available: Entertainer, Fence, Storyteller, Singer, Musician, Actor, Guide, Trader, Tinker, Spy,

Native Abilities: Call Brethren, Communicate, Night Sight, Leap (Evade), Escape Artist, Jump Far, Blend In, Eat Anything, Stone Soup, Sneak, Hide, Cricket Customs, Cricket Language, Cant, Know Language, Double Talk, Secret Song, Never met a Stranger, Share the Wealth, Steal, Sing, Play Instrument, Dance, Act, Convincing Lie, Parlor Tricks, Slight of Hand, Con Games, Change the Subject, Brother of All, Big Family, Worldly, Know Song, Knot Story, Tell Story, See Plot, Hatch Plan, Pick Rube, One More Time (or One MoreSong, One More Game, etc.), Party All Night

Native Flaws: Lower Caste, Marginalized

Typical Personality Traits: Friendly,

Typical Relationships: All Other Crickets,

Common Magic: Transformation

Totem Magic: Song of My People

Common Religions:

Specialized Religions:

Tradition Keyword:


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